Fady Fusion

Fady Fusion

Fady Fusion started dancing Salsa and Bachata 14 years ago in Vitoria Spain. After some time decided to go to Madrid to teach Salsa in addition tolearning other dances and his journey started there. After his 1st show in Spain, he got invited to Simposium Madrid Salsa Congress. After that he got invited to Holland to teach and perform his first solo show there.

After his workshop in Holland, he got an offer to stay there in order to teach Salsa, so he left Madrid and stayed in Holland for 2 years. After his time in Holland he returned to Spain (Malaga). During these 2 years he got invited to Hamburg Salsa Congress and many other Dance Events.

Currently he lives and teaches in Luxembourg.

He has travelled to more than 30 European countries and most of Arab world countries to teach and perform as an international artist.


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